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Opening a beauty studio was a dream come true for me. I enjoy staying up to date on the latest beauty trends like red-light and ultrasonic therapy.  Natural beauty is my passion and that means I only have products that are safe for sensitive skin. My goal is that your natural beauty is maintained and highlighted. You should look and feel renewed after visiting me! Hope to see you soon.

Meet Nastassia

Cassie Westnedge

"I loved my facial with Nastassia! Not only did I walk away feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated, my skin looked and felt amazing. She was very knowledgable about the techniques and products she used and was careful to avoid ingredients that my skin is sensitive to. I will definitely be back for more services at Starglow!"

Shayla Dawn

"Had my first ever facial with Nastassia at Starglow and it was such a treat! The office was cozy and adorable, her hands were gentle and her voice soothing as she explained all the steps and processes! My skin still looks and feels amazing weeks later, I can't wait to go back!"

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